Thursday, October 11, 2012

It sticks, she knows

Olivia put her baby doll on her bookshelf, walked away, turned around and ran up to her baby, picked her up and said "baby!  YaYa miss you, I work, I home now, love you baby!"
This, this just melted my heart. 
I say these very words to Olivia every day when I get home from work
after missing her like crazy for the 8 hours I'm away. 
She gets it. 
She knows why I'm not home and this means the world to me because I make a
big deal out of it when I get home to ensure that she knows she's loved, even when I'm not with her. 
It's hard juggling a full time job and home/family life. 
That's why I get to work every day between 5am and 6am. 
I'd rather lose sleep and work a few hours while Olivia's asleep which allows me
 to get home for 2am and have the entire afternoon with my girl. 
I'm so thankful that my boss is super flexible with my schedule and even more grateful
that working opposite shifts from my husband allows Olivia to stay home with one of us at all times.  
...but nothing beats knowing that my 2 year old understands the meaning behind what I have been saying every day when I get home and every morning when my husband sees her after working all night.  
She understands and can relate it to her world, with her baby, makes me proud. 
We're doing something right. 

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